Thursday, April 10, 2014

Relay for Life: Yongsan 2014

This will be my families first year participating in Relay for Life. Not only is it an event that we can spend some quality time together, but also a cause that is important to us. 

I have sat and often reflected on the topic of cancer since signing us up. I know what cancer is, and how many people on this earth are affected by it. When I actually stop and took a few moments in silence, deep in thought, my reality slapped me in the face. How many people in our life have personally been affected by cancer or should I say infected. My mother in-law was a cancer survivor, yet passed away due to other health issues. Her mother passed away from cancer. My Gramma passed away from cancer. My Grandfather passed away from cancer. An Aunt on my side of the family passed away from cancer. Another aunt is a cancer survivor, but this year she learned her husband of many years has cancer. Recently my husband's cousin's 2 year old child passed away from cancer. An infection that is eating it's way through my family. 

My children know of cancer, but only know it leads to death. Since most in our family have passed away from it. Before they even had a chance to meet them. This year both my daughter and I cut our long hair and donated it to a charity that makes wigs for those battling cancer. In hopes that I teach her that there are ways to help others fight cancer, survive, live, and thrive. Or at least look good doing it :)

In the coming weeks we are doing a coin drive. Collecting your pennies, nickles, and dimes (or 10, 50, and 100 Won coins) for a change. To make a difference and to help find a cure. From now until the the walk on May 2, 2014. Thank you for your support :)

♥Jess, Chris, Danika, & Darius

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