Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yam Chew fundraiser for Vannon & Falkor go to South Korea

The first dog treat fundraiser for Vannon & Falkor go to South Korea is our homemade Yam Chews. A natural dog treat that Falkor goes bonkers for, dried yams. Get a bag for $5 (which includes shipping).

To get your yam chews click the donate button below and include your mailing address. Thank You.

These proceeds will go towards keeping our family together. It is that time again when the Navy sends us to our next duty station. This time we are being sent overseas to South Korea. However great this opportunity is for the whole family, we are not prepared wholly for the financial duty of keeping our family together. Vannon and Falkor are members of our family, and this is their forever home. We were not expecting to get overseas orders, but are looking forward to the experience and are ready to take the challenges on together.

We will be on a 3 year tour to South Korea. These dogs are not just pets, they are our family and best friends. At this time we do not know if we will be flying civilian airlines or military airlines. There is a significant price difference. We are trying to raise at least $1,500. These funds will help pay for vet care prior to leaving the United States, airline travel to South Korea, quarantine costs in South Korea, and anything that may come up between point A and B. Any remainder of funds we would like to donate to a South Korean animal shelter. So far I have estimated vet costs at $425, airline costs $1,200 -$1,500 (civilian air), and up to $40 a day for both dogs for quarantine/pet kenneling until we can find housing. Once I get more accurate information I plan to update everyone.

Thank you for donating, and helping us keep our family together,

♥Jess, Chris, Danika, Darius, Vannon & Falkor

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