Monday, June 9, 2014

Vannon & Falkor in Korea: Giving Back

Recently we were able to attend a great charity to help give back to dogs in need here in Korea. Vannon & Falkor were also able to be in attendance. It was a Doggy Fundraiser Photo Shoot with one of my fun loving photog friends Zayda from Zayda Barros Photography and three amazing women making a difference in the lives of  animals in need.

The amount of animal shelters here in South Korea is heart breaking at times. Don't get me started on the animal markets, and the cruelty that lingers there. If you find yourself in South Korea and seeking an animal companion, Adopt. Even being a foster for a short time makes a huge difference in these pets' lives.

Danika recently approached me with a heartfelt mission to raise money to buy donation items for the local shelter. Over the summer I intend to help her mission statement succeed. Being 8 years old she sees the need and wants to be that change in the world. Attending this fund raiser only inspired her more. 

There are several places to look for adopting pets here in South Korea. Most of the military posts have a shelter, and there are many local ones. Here are a few links to get you started:

Yongsan Pet Adoption Center

Homeward Bound Osan