Sunday, August 18, 2013

Swap Meet Finds: Type Writer, Decanter, & Lap Table, Oh My!

Yesterday was a dangerous day at the swap meet for me. There were so many cool finds, but not enough cash in my pockets. That and the upcoming move to South Korea impeding upon my judgment of getting larger pieces for the home. I have not been buying things but mostly purging things of late. However yesterday was an exception. I have been looking for some select things for a while and keep them filed in a list in my head. Hoping that one day I will just stumble upon them as they are meant to be. Yesterday was that day.

I saw this sitting on a table being used as a nice display, then I saw the price tag and noticed it was for sale. Danika thought it was neat, so I asked her if she new what it was used for (I love playing "what is it's intended use?" game with the kids. They give some of the goofiest answers sometimes). She did get it right that it was a table, but was perplexed when I said it was a lap table. After striking up a conversation with the vendor I found out it folds! Completely flat! Which is great because then I can justify it fitting in small spaces. I was going to originally pass on the buy, but from the corner of my eye the booth lit up with that golden beam on that one item that I had been searching for. A portable type writer. I have been waiting to find one with a price I could justify. A typewriter is not only inspirational to writing, but it is also a tool that my children are not familiar with. One that they can use that has so many creative possibilities, and a good one can take a pounding from little fists. Not to mention the fact that they can understand the old technology better. A reminder of how life use to be.

After our conversations with the vendor got more entertaining with the kids finding more items that they have never seen before, and exchanging contacts for other vending opportunities I managed to bundle the set for $40. I can remember banging away on my Mom's typewriter. Although I'm sure she did not appreciate it since it was a top of the line electric at the time. I also remember using lap tables to do all our coloring on the floor. Granted this lap table will only used for my coloring.

I tend to have a soft spot for anything Washington State related. Since moving around as a military family it is always nice to have a piece of home with you. At first glance I had seen a Decanter that was from the 1972 Seattle Seafair. After looking at the other few I noticed this little gem...

... Mount St. Helens. I was excited, but rushed at the same time since my entourage was hungry for lunch. I did a quick look over and noticed the Jim Beam label was pristine, and for the price of $10 I decided I needed this piece of home from 1980. It was not until I got home that I noticed it had much more beauty. The decanter is all glazed except for the topper that is still that ruff and gritty ceramic, much like the ash of the mountain. Then I turned it over to read the label, which is always filled with history. Thereupon I saw it. The little arrow pointing to the side stating "Actual Mt. St. Helens Ash."
 I think I let out a little gasp of excitement and startled Chris as I was standing next to him. It was also amazing that the ash was all still there, and not clumped or dumped out. This bottle brings back memories of the family trips we used to take as kids up to visit the mountain, and museums. My brother, Jeremy, always talked about the terrible disaster even though we both were not born yet. The epic scientific lessons that are behind an event such as this is enough to make me want to have a drink for the survivors.

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