Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lychee Champagne Cocktail

It was Friday night, and I felt the need to put the long week behind me. In no mood to leave the house, I went on a pantry raid! (Not to be confused with a panty raid, but by the time you finish this cocktail you might find yourself in the middle of one.) I happened to have a bottle of champagne chilling away in the fridge. (It was given to me as a gift for all my volunteer efforts during a certain Christmas party by some pretty prestigious higher ups.) I was saving it for a celebration, and what better way to celebrate then Friday night after a long week!

Now champagne is good by itself, but why not take it a bit further? In the pantry I found a can of Lychees that I had forgotten I had. What is a Lychee?! Well, they are a fruit with white flesh, that looks pretty gnarly. Do not let it fool you though. The texture of the flesh is something like a grape, but sweet and florally in a flavor all it's own. 

When I was in Singapore, there was a lychee tree right out our window. I would watch the wild monkeys in the tree take one bite out of a not ripe lychee and then throw it at the ground, or each other. It was even more interesting to watch them argue over the ripe ones. The monkeys look cute and cuddly, but those wild monkeys are evil! Not something you would want to come across, alone, on an early morning run... They will chase you!

Lychee Champagne Cocktail

1 Bottle Champagne
1 Can Lychees in syrup

Drain Lychees in sieve over a pitcher. Drop 2 Lychee berries into champagne flute. Pour in one part Lychee syrup to two parts champagne.



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