Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Top Summer Movies

Trying to beat the gloomy summer days we have been having lately made me think about my top favorite movies that remind me of how awesome summer can be. The great thing about this list is that most are movies I grew up watching, and now I get to share these lazy mornings with my two little monsters. These movies stir up that loving feeling, those hot summer nights, the childhood memories, and how could that not leave you in a good mood? In no particular order I give you my list:

Gidget  (1959) staring Sandra Dee & James Darren

Dirty Dancing  (1987) staring Jennifer Grey & Patrick Swayze

Grease  (1978) staring John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John

Beaches  (1988) staring Bette Midler & Barbara Hershey

Summer School  (1987) staring Mark Harmon & Kirstie Alley

Sandlot  (1993) staring Tom Guiry & Mike Vitar

Stand by Me  (1986) staring Wil Wheaton & River Phoenix

One Crazy Summer  (1986) staring John Cusak & Linda Warren

Build those blanket forts and load up on your favorite munchies. Spend a little down time sharing your favorite summer movies. I'd love to hear what yours are leave me a comment.


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