Saturday, March 2, 2013

Flea Market Finds

One of my all time favorite things to do on a lazy Saturday is parooze the flea market. It is one of those things my husband and I would do almost every weekend before we had kids. Now that we have a super cool entourage we don't go as often, but we get to pass down our love of finding buried treasure.

Armed with their little coin bags, and saved allowances. Our children were extremely excited to start the hunt. Danika is more of a browser. She doesn't really know what she is looking for, but knows when she has found it. Darius on the other hand seems to be set on finding that one perfect thing. More often then not somehow it finds him. I love to see their curiosity, and enthusiasm when they are exploring. Even More so when they find the new in an old thing. I've noticed that they both enjoy the history, and character of the objects they come across. Much like Indiana Jones, and trust me its always and adventure. Improving their math, and negotiation skills (some call it haggling... no names need mentioned... a hum, Chris. But they learn from the best, after all he has haggled in sands of Afghanistan. Bringing us the most wonderfilled, and majestic gifts of the far east.)it is also very rich in education.

Today Danika and I found some wonderful treasures. We've brought new life to old things.

Danika's eyes were drawn to the jewelry today. With in minutes of being at the flea market, she happened across a case full of lockets. A prize she has been searching for, but not just any one would do. It had to be the perfect one... Her cost $3 (but of course I bought it for her, because it was a gift. Telling her that made her face light up, and her heart glow)

For me my find was of the culinary kind. I've been on the hunt for a vintage pepper grinder. I've head hunted one online, but could never find what I was looking for and a price I was comfortable with. Today I stumbled across an amazing little set. Vintage, made in Italy, and a woppin' $4... Win, Win, Win.
Last but not least our final find. A vintage pair of scissors. Not just any scissors though, shears that perfectly fit Danika's hand. Perfect for her love of sewing and cutting fabric. Found for $2. They need a little sharpening, but totally rock the character.
I gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when I think of how lucky we are to be able to pass down our favorite pass times with our children. To be able to give life to old things. It is a wonderfilled cycle :0)

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