Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vannon & Falkor go to Korea

In the recent wake of our upcoming move to South Korea. I thought it would be like any other move we have done with the Navy. I always start on this as soon as I find out we have new orders. I did not know that this overseas move would be ten times as stressful as a normal PCS (Permanent Change of duty Station).

For the last few months we have been thinking about what is best for our furry members of the family. At first we didn't think they would be able to go with us. We talked with members of our extended family, and were hoping someone would be able to care for them without it being a burden. Unfortunately, we did not have anyone able to do so. We also thought it would be less stress on the dogs if they did not have to travel.

Then we found out our two fur babies could indeed go with us. Excited I started getting the ball rolling, and now as much as I'm ready for the challenges I realize we will not be able to fulfill our financial duty. I've decided to put together a fund raiser in order to keep our family together. Any excess funds will be donated to a South Korean animal shelter.

You can donate by visiting our Go Fund Me page at

I plan to do a bake sale as well as dog treats.

Thank you for your donations, and helping us keep our family together,


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